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Corey Gwin
Product dude.
A friend and I had built a web chat app like this eons ago and found that many people edit what they say prior to sending messages. It was preferred to actually have to hit "send" before the other person can see your message. The nature of writing requires a bit of a feedback loop between writing, seeing your written message and revising. whereas spoken word is more fluid. There's also an expected structure to conversation where it is typically polite to wait until someone has finished speaking before making your interjection. I think I'd rather just have audible chat at that point of conversation rather than typing.
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Adrien Montcoudiol
Mobile Growth & UX Design
PitPut was created to let you chat even faster, providing you the first real-time chatting app. Simply put, it can reproduce an oral conversation: you see your friend’s messages as they are writing it and can answer before they are done. Check out their video:
Also, it's ephemeral: just like in a face to face conversation, nothing is saved. I like the way you are able to interact with each other more spontaneously and actively 👌🏻
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JonathanFounder, Funnnl.it | LND
* @adrienm - I'll give it a go with the guys here in the office (am very curious to how it "feels" vs regular chat apps (skype/fb/whatsapp etc) BUT is it really like an oral conversation...? Don't we sometimes type stuff that we don't want to send.... or rephrase etc... this is poss a bit like mind reading lol.... ** I know a few Customer engagement chat tools that do this but only the company side sees what the user is typing to help predict an answer (not client).
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Ahah it's so awesome !!! Just tried it, it's really cool :)
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Ouriel Ohayon
ZenGo.com / CEO
PitPut = Chat in Hebrew. An israel is behind this cool idea...
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Chris Buttenham
Founder & CEO - Obie.ai
Such a small innovation with a huge impact! This reminds me of our customer support tools—watching the recipient type their response before they've sent it. So funny to watch people re-think and re-type over and over again. Maybe this could help people in relationships get to the point faster and throwing the stupid 'text etiquette' out the window. Well done!
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