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Nathan Maggard
Hey Hunters, we've been working hard to create a conversion-oriented video email product. We know there are a few video alternatives, but none that have optimized for a founder or sales person trying to trigger SaaS signups. We're showing 20% conversion rates with some customers from cold email pitches. We figure PH has lots of SaaS entrepreneurs, so we'… See more
Matt Burns
@mburns87 · Co-Founder @ TapWealth
This is definitely one of the better email marketing products I've seen in a while, great job!
Clayton Parker
@unclejessy4real · ProdManager|Youtuber|FashionTech|3DPrint
Very cool service... one alternative channel you could look at (which I was looking at this service for) is for content creators who utilize something like Patreon. I was looking at this as a way to directly send videos easily to my new patreon supporters as a way to thank them for their help. Price point might not be right for me but it's another option you… See more
Mehul Patel
@mehulpatel · Co-Founder at You&A
This is amazing. Will definitely use it.
Rajesh Bhutada
@rajesh_bhutada · Co-Founder, Brisky
Hi @nathanmaggard ..looks very interesting and useful product for SaaS entrepreneurs. I am trying to get the product but it seems the website is not working. Need help!