Send video, Get users. Growth tool for SaaS Salesfolk.

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Hey Hunters, we've been working hard to create a conversion-oriented video email product. We know there are a few video alternatives, but none that have optimized for a founder or sales person trying to trigger SaaS signups. We're showing 20% conversion rates with some customers from cold email pitches. We figure PH has lots of SaaS entrepreneurs, so we'd love to help generate sales with PitchTo. I'm here all day for feedback and Q&A–thanks in advance for the love & feedback.
This is great @nathanmaggard ! Probably the most obvious question I'll have is how you're planning to price it?
Thanks @barnsweetman, good to hear from you, man! We're looking at 29/mo/user (it works with teams too). Hoping to hit the right pricepoint for small teams–what do you think?
@nathanmaggard you too! I think that's a solid price point. It might be a bit expensive for some. I'm sure you'd scale per user cost based on size of team using it, etc? On another note, it would be insanely effective to show some actual pitches on the front of the site (as people start using it). That way people will get the concept and see the value in it immediately.
@barnsweetman Good point–I think we'll do that asap!
This is definitely one of the better email marketing products I've seen in a while, great job!
Thanks a ton, @mburns87. Always appreciate some Canadian product love!
Very cool service... one alternative channel you could look at (which I was looking at this service for) is for content creators who utilize something like Patreon. I was looking at this as a way to directly send videos easily to my new patreon supporters as a way to thank them for their help. Price point might not be right for me but it's another option you could look at. Also would love to know what you're using for uploading the thumbnails. JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, AI basically took it all without any issues. Bravo
Love that thought, @unclejessy4real. Would you consider sending a video to your whole subscriber list when you've got a new product to sell? Our CTA button could come in handy for that! :) We're using Cloudinary's API for thumbnails / image manipulation..they're wonderful to work with. Thanks for the love!
This is amazing. Will definitely use it.
Hi @nathanmaggard ..looks very interesting and useful product for SaaS entrepreneurs. I am trying to get the product but it seems the website is not working. Need help!