Become an armchair VC and judge the pitches of the day

Quite a cool idea... dont like that I have to sign up though ha - seems to only be when clicking yay and not nay? Similar to Pitchcard Explore
@bentossell Oh wow, pitchcard is totally what I had in mind. Thanks for sharing
Hi PH. I built Pitchstack as a community for startup-minded folks like myself to trade wisdom on each others pitches. You can judge the latest pitches and subscribe to future updates from the creator. You can also pitch your own ideas and grow a list of early adopters. Would love to hear what you think!
Echoing a love for the simplicity. One thing that I'd like to do is add a line of context why Yah or Nah. I've love to point to similar products, inherent challenges that immediately come to mind, etc.
@conorop Totally agree with you ! Why be an armchair [anything] if you can't also give feedback ?! It seems as useful to me as being a backseat driver without a mouth (oh wait...). Jk, motivating the yay/nay decision with a 1-liner/short text would definitely be more useful/interesting for everyone involved imo.
@kevin_ferret @conorop Hey, thanks for the feedback. I was planning to add comments. It wouldn't really be something threaded like this but more a direct message to the creator that is also public on the pitches maybe after hitting a "Show Comments" button. Would that suit?
@louisstow @conorop That would work much better than threaded indeed. I am not a big fan of open threaded comments in general (some irony there), plus if the idea is to really give feedback (or get feedback, from the to-be-founder's perspective), then direct message applies better.
Could be a good pre-product hunt platform. I like it.
@alexyoungkwon I like that idea. Like a less biased moderation / filtering approach.
This is so simple yet so awesome + the monetization idea is clever. But I don't understand why YAY is +2 pts while NAY is only +1? For me it seems like that may encourage people to vote YAY more often and the stats for single pitch will always be in favor of YAY. IMO both YAY and NAY should add the same amount of points.
@serafindominik Thanks for the feedback. Very good point. The 2 pts doesn't seem to sway people to YAY more than NAY. Every pitch so far is vastly in favor of NAY more than YAY. But I also don't want people voting YAY just to game the system so I think I will change that. Thanks for bringing it up!