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Sounds like a smart idea, but after reviewing the site, I feel like I need more info before I'd sign up. I recommend an FAQ page (I see "FAQ" at the bottom of the page, but there's no FAQ page). For starters here are some Qs I have: -Is this free? What is the fee structure? -How do I know the right people will see my pitch? -Is there a structure for NDAs? -What does a customer experience look like from the buyer's perspective? From the pitcher's? -Any case studies? -Do you offer best practices/suggestions for pitch videos? -What does it mean to "endorse" a project? Not trying to be critical, because I think this is a great idea. Just offering up some (hopefully) constructive feedback.
@omicaustin Thanks so much for taking the time to provide feedback. All great points. The product is free. We will be adding premium features in the future. As far as "the right people" seeing your pitch, this is something we are adding as a paid feature. Adding that layer of transparency for both sides will be valuable. You can tag the department/segment of the business you are trying to reach when pitching. Great idea on NDA's, will put on the list for future dev. Today you can create a "public" or "private" pitch. Love to have you signup & experience it. We have just launched, therefore do not have case studies. With more success stories we will be able to add "best practices" for pitches. Endorse a pitch: A lot of our businesses want to see that someone else is happy with a product/service. Similar to a consumer review on yelp but in this case it's coming from a business that has used your product/service. It's also a great way to validate your product/service, when you're asking for current customers for endorsements. Hope I hit on everything. Thanks again, much appreciated. Hopefully we can gain your trust & have you as a member!
@nbderrick Thanks for the answers. Very helpful. I'll be checking it out soon!
Awesome - product discovery for buyers in their time and space; and a 24/7 channel for sellers. I like it 👍
PitchPeddler is a video pitch platform. You pitch directly to decision makers.
@kwdinc Thanks for Hunting!
PitchPeddler was founded because Selling is hard. Period. You have something that you are so proud of & you just want to show it to the world. Then you show them & no one cares. They slam doors in your face, hang up when you call, & report you as spam when you email. Why? Because they have a business to operate, they’re going through a divorce, & they just found out their kid has a food allergy. PitchPeddler gets you in. You have a captive audience. Show them what you’ve got.
Example: Joy creates mop. Joy wants Target to sell mop. Joy pitches Target on PitchPeddler. Target loves Joy mop & begins selling Joy mop. Joy becomes rich, famous, & is now Jennifer Lawrence. Let PitchPeddler turn you into JLaw.