Pitchdeck for Figma

Magically create stunning slide decks from your Figma design

• Easy animations and real-time previews inside Figma.
• Embed GIFs and YouTube/Vimeo videos and links anywhere.
• Simple to use presentations in the browser.
• Control your presentation from your phone.
• Export to PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and PDF.
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$600 a year for a presentation app? Errr that’s seems a bit, high.
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@figmatic Thanks for this wonderful tool!
@visafoto_com you're welcome!
Hi everyone! I'm Adam from Figmatic 👋 More designers are using Figma to collaboratively create presentations, which is awesome. However, using Figma for presentations still lacks some of the familiar interface and features expected from Keynote, PowerPoint or Google Slides. More importantly, none of those other apps allow you to use Nicolas Cage as your laser pointer cursor 😬 — Pitchdeck was built to start solving these problems and more. You will have all the familiar tools you need to make a great presentation from a web browser — speaker notes, timer, laser pointer, and slide navigation (which can be controlled from your phone). There's also the option to export your presentation from Figma to a file that can be opened in Keynote, PowerPoint or Google Slides. Thank you, as always, for checking it out! 😊
@figmatic ADAM you and your team are not only dope for doing this, but the advent of 'the Cage Cursor' is going to bring some much needed comic relief to some seriously tense presentations. I would love nothing more than a social gallery of screenshots and videos of really serious (and non confidential) things being clicked on and demonstrated by Nicolas Cage in a pointing position, perhaps from the film The Weather Man, where he had to point at a lot of screens behind him. This is my critical feedback as a technology and DEI professional.
@nidanizam thanks so much for this feedback! Your reference to Cage in "The Weather Man" (underrated) has made my day.
So excited about this! I'm always trying to use Figma to create slides because I love the flexibility but end up having to export all the frames as images (which takes forever!) and paste them into Google slides. Love that I can now create presentations with animations and embeds right from within Figma. 🙌