Snapchat meets Shark Tank

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Hi Tom, thanks for your question. Revenue is driven by in-app purchases of pitch time based on a 1-minute, 2-minute, or 3-minute pitch at a cost of $2.99, $5.99, and $9.99 respectively. The entrepreneur chooses the duration based on the amount of time they need to make their pitch. The community of users rates pitches based on a 5-star rating system. Each week we pool the funds generated by the app and fund the person with the highest rated pitch up to $15k to jump start their idea or existing product.
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@matt_hefferon Wow, didn't expect that but great response! I will have to check this out. Are you excited for Shark Tank on Friday?
@tomlynam You know, just in case Kevin was on here posing as a "Tom". Mr. Wonderful likes to hear hard numbers. Thanks again for posting, and yes, stoked for ST!
@matt_hefferon This is a great idea! how many weekly payout​ have you had so far? what were the payouts?
@yasarcorp we just launched yesterday afternoon so no payouts yet.
@yasarcorp We are really excited about growing the user base so entrepreneurs who pitch will receive the kind of feedback and product validation that will assist them in making decisions early on.
Just pitched!
@danthevc Thanks for pitching! If you have any questions or feedback please let me know. You can also check out our FAQ page on our website here: 😖 We really appreciate your help in growing the Pitchdeck community as it benefits everyone involved!
This is brilliant. @matt_heffron . Huge fan of this concept. Planning on pitching soon. :)
@abe_storey thanks for the kind words! We would love to have you pitch!
Thanks for checking out Pitch deck! We just launched the app and hope you guys really like it. We like to think of the product as Snapchat meets Shark Tank :)
@matt_hefferon What are your sales? How do I make MONEY?!
Hey very cool ideas. Is there a plan to expand the 15k as the pool expands? It might also be cool to delineate "competitions" into different product categories as the volume grows.
@maxatgetmii Hi Max, the idea is to grow the community of users to where there are enough weekly pitches to fund the full $15k each and every week. In a given week where the app generates less than the $15k mark, Pitchdeck will fund the highest rated pitch with 90% of the revenue and use the remaining 10% to keep the app running. I like your idea about the product categories, as it would be nice to be able to jump around in different "genres". Currently, the users can select from a list of industries to follow, which filters what category of pitches show up in your video feed. Thanks for the support/feedback!
@matt_hefferon thanks and good luck!