PitchCraft - 9: Adam Carver

Adam Carver dropped some knowledge on two great startups

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Great to see this on here Sol. As a founder - this "sharktank for tech startups" show is right up my alley. Just make sure the show keeps up it's brutal honesty! We're all there to get better, not to pitch & sell.
@shaanvp Shaan I really appreciate that. You were the one that started PitchCraft. I tell every founder that I'm lucky enough to interview we're here to answer one question " What keeps you up at night?" I've been lucky enough to snag some amazing guests which makes it easy ! The blab.im platform is amazing too! Thanks @blab team !
I do a weekly show on blab.im called PitchCraft. It takes place every Thursday at 3 est. I get a top investor and 2 or 3 startups every week. The show is straight talk from an expert in a low-pressure situation. I've been lucky enough to have some amazing guests. Check out blab.im for replays with people like @jeremyshure, @bonatsos, @shaanvp, @kikischirr, @nrose, and for the upcoming schedule. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter DM ( they're open ) if you have any questions.
@solfrombrooklyn - oh you know I love your blab sessions right? PitchCraft! For those who want to get the scoop on Sol's sessions as soon as they're done, you can always tune in to my recaps. Here's one from last week's episode. http://wp.me/p3X0vh-7K - just hope I'll be cool someday to be featured! ( And on PH too:) )
@geeky_yang Thanks for the love Phillip!
love it, and not just cause that's my shiny dome in the upper right corner
I love this forum where you can gain insights from both sides of the pond so to speak. Keep them coming.