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The best feedback that we had so far is: "Pitchcard is like Tinderpreneur" πŸ˜‚
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Looks good and works pleasantly! I feel like there should be a way to 'Skip' cards, as I don't always have enough knowledge about a field to give feedback on the idea.
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@fishsander we actually got this feedback from a couple of users. This will be part of the next release.
@lailo_ch Great to hear a skip function is in the works!
@lailo_ch @fishsander one more helpful feature would be to see a history of the cards you have seen
@srikrishnaholla we're working on a own explore section where you will see the trending cards and the list of the cards you've interacted with
Is there a way to reply to feedback? I just received a question.
@_bigblind for now, you just can contact the other person if there is a help offer, not on feedback. We'll have a look into this, because in your case it would be very useful.
@lailo_ch Yes. Feedback shouldn't be a one-way street.
@lailo_ch Another issue at the moment, is that just a vote count can be tricky to interpret. I got 48 upvotes, and 44 downvotes. To what extent do the people who like it, like it, and why do the people who dislike it, dislike it? I only got one piece of feedback, which is a question about how it works. I created my card hours ago, so I can't edit it to answer that question for future viewers. Would it be a good idea to archive this card, and try to create a new one with an improved description? Is that the kind of iterative process you want to encourage?
@_bigblind We discussed a lot about the edit functionality. The conclusion about it was, that we added a 15min time window to fix small typos. In your case, the description seems to not explain the idea good enough (feedback as questions). So you might need to archive this card and publish a new one with a description which answers the questions inside the feedback. Do you think there is a better way to solve this problem?
Absolutely love this. Its good to see the ideas that are out there. Is there an app for Pitch card. l would love to get it?
@adedayocharis thank you! We just have the web version for now but depending on the success of it, we might build it
@susu__garcia awesome ok. Keep us posted.
@adedayocharis sure thing! cheers!
@susu__garcia @adedayocharis build it and I will give you the contacts to make it happen and be better than shark tank
@yachtsofideas @susu__garcia the app you mean? l am very capable. Kindly checkout www.ikontracker.com.au
Also, on mobile it would be good to have left / right swipe functionality like Tinder : )