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Nice idea! The problem is that you pitch and have to wait until people give feedback, and forget about it. I would definitely do the following to increase interactiveness: When I pitch my idea, i should be prompted to a page with everyone else's ideas, so i can start giving them feedback. I think you are missing out on a lot of interaction in this phase when you have the attention of your new users.
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@nomadiceli that's exactly what we're developing at this point. For now, we call it explore section, where you can see other peoples cards and give them feedback. We developed the current version in a couple of days, there's way more in the pipeline.
@nomadiceli @lailo_ch this is probably the most exciting part of it for me. People with ideas have needed this type of validation tool for so long! I could see a really amazing community building up around this. It could also be a great pipeline tool for investors or potential collaborators. Have you thought about making a space for connecting people with projects to work on? It has been done a couple of places but not well (outside of the open source community).
@ljgrohn @nomadiceli Pitchcard will be a place where makers and visionaries can meet each other and start creating amazing things.
@lailo_ch @ljgrohn @nomadiceli I agree. This is the most compelling part- connecting people and getting feedback IN the website. Can't wait.
@lailo_ch @ljgrohn @nomadiceli Personally I don't like pitching to friends and family, and since right now you have to share it on your own channels I won't be doing it. But give me a chance to pitch to strangers? Done. Just be sure to encourage proper grammar and make an easy "report" button to avoid spam :)
A lot of people around us began to have amazing ideas: “Hey, I have a really cool idea for a new app!”. They usually tried to explain it in a very complex way or sent us very long emails. That’s why we’ve built Pitchcard.io with a 200 chars limit on the description to get quick feedback. Here is the medium article about the story behind it: https://medium.com/@lailo_ch/thi...
@susana_garcia_l we're happy to answer questions
@susana_garcia_l Sorry, that had 288 characters, try again 😜
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@maxwellhallel Hahaha, you got me! 😳
It would be great if it has some kind of "feed" like Tinder where you can go rating random pitches.
@dowrow that's actually in development and will be released soon. Something like an explore section.
@lailo_ch @dowrow Not sure I would go the tinder route, or even rating. I think feedback in words would be vastly more useful to the person with the idea. I think the best bet would be like Product Hunt: a combination of upvotes and comments.
@lailo_ch @dowrow Perhaps even introduce a crowdfunding aspect down the road for the most popular ideas? You could team up with a service like Gigster. Let's say there is an idea that has more upvotes than anything else and tons of people want it to exist. They could click a donate button, and once a certain amount is met development will begin. There should also be an easy way to follow up on people's feedback. You want to hurry on this though, this won't stay uncontested for long.
@ninjinka @dowrow That's actually what we have right now. You can just vote up/down and if you like, you can add a comment.
@ninjinka @lailo_ch so.. something like ProductHunt? :P
Love the idea!
@whoismaxpelzner thank you, hop you'll have fun using it.
Awesome tool. Seems i could use an edit function tho :D