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Super comprehensive product. BD/PR automation is an interesting idea. I'm not sure this product will "trial" well because you really need to invest time in a workflow system like this to get value from it. You may get more distribution with a freemium... give me a less comprehensive version of the product that I will use frequently, come to rely on, and then demand more from (aka, pay you for the rest of it).
@guygal Thanks for the awesome feedback. We are releasing something in a few weeks that I'm sure will address your thoughts.
@geneles very compelling product. Have you been eating your own dog food? Can you share how Pitchbox has worked for Pitchbox?
@ryanmac @guygal We’ve been dogfooding since Day One; my cofounder and I used to run digital marketing agencies, doing outreach for companies of all sizes (startups to Fortune 100). We got frustrated with all the busywork involved with outreach. We needed to increase the productivity of our in-house teams, so we developed an optimized workflow-based tool to use internally. Over time it turned into a SaaS product. Currently, we use Pitchbox internally for outbound sales, affiliate marketing, and influencer outreach (building relationships with product evangelists.) The product scales well for either a single purpose or for multiple teams within your organization. For example, our BizDev team has a series of campaigns for each niche we sell to. Meanwhile, the team in charge of Influencer Outreach runs their own projects and campaigns. Hope this answers your question.
Really great and well thought out product! I must agree with @GuyGal about the length of the trial. I think a potential customer of Pitchbox will need more time to see the true value. So I'm looking forward to seeing what it is you guys will be releasing in the next few weeks.
Intriguing concept. This is the product I've wanted, when I've wanted an influencer outreach product (vs. other products that allow you to pay bloggers to blog about you, for example, which has pros and cons). I'd have to play with it to know how much I actually like the email automation, because it can be a double-edged sword, but I like what I see so far. I've been fascinated by this general topic ever since the days at Disqus when we started surfacing the overall Disqus network itself, showing how many amazing communities there are that you wouldn't otherwise discover simply due to the vastness of the Web. I think there's a lot of minds to be captured (and money to be made ;) by someone who can make sense of the influencer landscape.
@thetylerhayes We understand email automation can be a double-edged sword. That’s why we’ve taken precautions to ensure our platform doesn’t send out unintended emails. Pitchbox is a complete email client (IMAP/SMTP), so it will know if/when you get a reply from a prospect. Automated follow-up emails only go out to those who don’t respond to your previous email, and you can set the interval between each attempt. Along those same lines, if Pitchbox can’t match a contact to a specific opportunity, Pitchbox will halt follow-up activity until you resolve the mismatch. You have full control over email automation in Pitchbox. You can also choose between semi- and full automation.
That looks great. It's looks like BuzzStream on steroids.
Have you thought about this in the form of a gmail extension?
@guygal We’ve heard some requests for a Gmail extension, and we’ve considered the possibility as a result. We’ll continue to listen to user feedback, and if there’s enough demand for it, we’ll get to work creating one.