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To our friends on Product Hunt, For many founders, raising money from investors is one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of starting up. When investors pass on a startup they usually aren’t direct about their reasons because they fear alienating a founder who may go on to be successful. That means the information founders most want is the most difficult for them to get. To help solve this problem, we’ve created a fun and useful tool to help founders hone their pitch. Please meet Pitchbot. When you chat with Pitchbot it’ll tell you what you’re doing well and highlight areas where your pitch needs work. You’ll get notes on what angels and VCs are looking for, why they care about those things, and how to polish your pitch. To create the questions we spoke to and researched 23 of tech’s highest performing investors including Chris Sacca, Sam Altman, Sequoia, Jason Calacanis, and more. We also drew on our own experiences as founders who’ve raised money in the past. Pitch your startup to Pitchbot and see if you get an offer—or a pass. Use Pitchbot (not investor meetings) to iron out the kinks in your pitch and improve your chances of getting funded. We’re excited to see any feedback or questions. If you find this useful then please share with your friends and colleagues.
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@rogerdickey Cool idea and it's pretty engaging! Wish there were responses that were geared towards more enterprise products and the progress bar is a little misleading but really love the transcript/summary/advice at the end!
@rogerdickey This is super cool. Did you code it from scratch or use a bot-creation tool?
@rogerdickey from now on I refer all future founders who want to pitch me to my colleague and friend Sir Chatbot I
@rogerdickey I just tried it and it works great. How long did it take you to build this bot? What NLP platform and tech stack are you using?
Simply loved it! A great product.
@arjun_tuli Stoked to hear you enjoyed it Arjun!
oh, so great idea! First time used a chatbot
Extremely well executed product. Love it!
Interesting concept. Where's the NDA? I wouldn't want to submit potentially confidential information unless I knew it was protected. How secure is it? Is there a human on the other side? If so, are they in the US or overseas? Also has some exposure points on the bot side ... about making such affirmations.
@giannascatchell Seriously? Most investors will refuse to sign an NDA let alone a bot.
@giannascatchell If you company's most valuable asset is your idea and you feel the need to protect it with an NDA, you don't have a company.
@yogert96 I agree 100%, but you're missing the point. When you submit your idea/personal information into this chatbot or any chatbot for that matter-- you should know: 1) Is the bot encrypted; 2) Deployed on an encrypted channel? 3) What are the rules re: chatbot data handling and storage? 4) who has access to that data? 5) how long is that data stored? 6) what are the rules regarding the data the bot will gather and have these rules been communicated to the user?
@venturejakef Agreed, but I'm looking at this bot (or any chatbot for that matter) from a data security and privacy lens (e.g. what data is stored? How is that data then used?). What are the rules of engagement when I use "x bot?" #occupationalhazard
@giannascatchell this is the reason we have to pay lawyers to draw up B.S privacy policy agreements and make everyone check the I agree box for a fun side project that is given away for free. Do you also get mad if your coffee cup doesn't say caution contents may be hot?