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Roger Dickey
@rogerdickey · Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
To our friends on Product Hunt, For many founders, raising money from investors is one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of starting up. When investors pass on a startup they usually aren’t direct about their reasons because they fear alienating a founder who may go on to be successful. That means the information founders most want is the most di… See more
Arjun Tuli
@arjun_tuli · Founder, Knowledge Maps
Simply loved it! A great product.
Dainis Kanopa
@dainiskanopa · https://middle.io
oh, so great idea! First time used a chatbot
Rory Reiff
@roryreiff · Designer
Extremely well executed product. Love it!
Alfred R. Baudisch
@alfredbaudisch · CEO and Founder at Fred Chabots
Really cool, it helped me think about some questions I didn't think of before! Although the result I got has a valuation way lower than we are at right now. Got: "Ok! We love your idea and would like to invest! $810k – 14% STAKE – $6.1M VALUATION"