Pitch Room by Investor Intelligence

Pitch to a network of investors (demo day as a service)

Investor Intelligence helps startups meet investors and manage the process of raising capital.
Our latest update is Pitch Room. We're making it easier for startups to gain exclusive access to events where they can pitch and meet the investor community
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Howdy hunters! We're excited to launch our first update to Investor Intelligence! It's been such an awesome experience growing the product. We set out with the vision of helping startups raise capital for their company. We know it can be incredibly hard to build a network of interested investors and manage those relationships in order to close a round. Today we're introducing Pitch Room. A way for startups to meet investors and pitch their companies. Internally we refer to it as "demo-day-as-service". We've partnered with some amazing folks at incredible firms, funds and family offices and have a series of events scheduled. These events include in person pitches, virtual pitches and dinners. We recently invited some of our beta users to our first Pitch Room dinner and it was amazing. Lo from Google Ventures, Arthur from Family Office insights and more! To learn more visit: https://www.investorintelligence...
Thank you for keep updating and. Improving the platform.
@carterstewart Happy you like it
I use investor Intel and this is a great addition
@benlalib Thank you for your support , i hope you are getting good traction with it ! if you need any help feel free to reach out
Beautiful Design, BTW what is your open rate on outgoing E-mails?
@jessedanis Thanks - will let designer know .
I wish you guys made it to the front page - it is a great product