Pitch Deck Template

The easiest way to build your pitchdeck and raise money

Meet Pitch Deck Template, the easiest way to create your ventures pitch deck and start communicating with your investors in clear and engaging way. The template consist of 70 beautifully crafted slides, 100 icons, device mockups, maps and works

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Hey Product Hunters! Vasyl is here, founder of Pitch Deck template. Over the last 3 years I have helped more than 30 startups to get "Visual Power" for their investor decks. During my work I have noticed that because of "money saving mode", most founders / startup team can't afford great graphic designers. They're looking for graphic work help on their pitch deck with a maximum budget of $150, while professional designer will charge $400-$500 for work on 10-15 pitch deck. That's why I created Pitch Deck - a presentation template that helps founders to create a visually impressive and effective pitch deck quickly and easily. Template has up to 5 different slide layouts in each of the following categories: Title, Problem, Solution, Product, Market, Competition, Traction, Business Model, Acquisition, Milestones, Team, Financials, The Ask and Contact. Tool is fully and easily editable. To create your own pitch deck all you need to do is: 1) have content, 2) PowerPoint on your computer with a basic knowledge of using it. Price for Regular Template is $39, and we will charge $59 if you want to get template with your own color palette. All options include free lifetime updates. We are also offering unique Custom Work for your pitch deck. Update. A new version of Pitch Deck Template just released featuring a keynote version (Google Slides coming soon), 16 new slide layouts, collection of 100 beautiful, modern icons and other small enhancements. Discount. All producthunter's can get exclusive 20% discount with code "PH20". Update (Nov'19): Dear ProductHunt'ers, BaseTemplates is no longer my property and will be operated by the great guy @maximilian_fleitmann .
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Nice toolset helping you to make the best possible pitchdeck for your startup! @vasylslobodian can tell you more :)
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@bramk haha, like this gif so much!
@bramk Bram is a gif-master.
@bramk Is this Paul Graham?
I see your demo slides mention John Galt all throughout... I only have one question - Who is John Galt?
@rossdcurrie =)) a pretty cool guy, I would say
Do you have in Keynote
@jonsteinberg Keynote version is not available at this moment. But, if we will see a reasonable demand, we will make it asap
@vasylslobodian please bring keynote
@jimmydouglas @jonsteinberg will do! should be ready by the end of November
@applecider_ @jimmydouglas @jonsteinberg Keynote version is available! I'm sorry for such delay in delivery=(
Hey, I think it is a nice MVP from a product development perspective, but I have an issue commoditizing fundraising as the slide deck 1) is a good method for the potential investor to get to know the team and how they work, and 2) is not the essential part that makes or breaks the deal closing.
@awchristoph What would you say is what makes or breaks the deal?
@awchristoph Chris, thanks for comment. For sure is not an essential part in fundraising, as the purpose of the presentation is just to Help you Better communicate your messages.