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Just signed up and enter company data. What happens next?
@kzynakamura I'm so sorry for the late reply, I was waiting for product hunt to confirm me as a maker. After you enter your company data you can start inviting your team mates, add information about your self automatically the system will pitch your progress in real time to our network of investor. If they interested on your StartUp they will track you and you will receive a notification what type of investor is tracking you and at the end if you perform well then they will send you a message in order to invest in your company.
I think that more examples of what the graphs look like and what the final product looks like would be helpful here. Otherwise it just seems like another tool to add data to make graphs?
@bentossell Hey Ben Thank you very much for your suggestion, we will get to work in order to add examples of what the final mvp product looks like.
How do I know who is looking at my data, and can I control that in some way?
@kyle_visner when you connect your data automatically we pitching your growth rate to our network of investors when someone is interested they will track your startup and you will receive a notification that an angel investors (example) is tracking your performance also it will appear to the the potential investors graph!