Pitch Cards

I've 99 problems and I'm ready to pitch one!

The first card game to train your pitching skills and have fun at the same time.
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Thanks Yigit for hunting us! We created this game because we were frustrated to see how pitch training was done. We decided that it should be fun and teaching. My amazing designer Camille created a great design while I worked on bringing as much value as I could on the cards, both the Method ones and the game ones. It has been quite a challenge but now we're on Kickstarter and we're glad to launch! We've got great plans for the future but this crowd funding campaign is essential for us.
@wil_roy cool idea! Good luck in crowdfunding!
@perpetuous thank you, you can help us by sharing the campaign to your network !
I loved the experience I had when trying Pitch Cards. I backed it on Kickstarter and hope that you will get successful with your campaign @wil_roy .
Exploding Kittens for entrepreneurs!
I love the design on the cards. These would be fun to play with my kids! Do you have a different version in French? The reason I asked that it must be incredibly hard for non-english speakers to pitch. Would love to know how you came about with doing it in english?
@casielane Hi Casie, we have created the cards in english to launch globally as this kind of game isn't fit for only France, printing costs are huge so we decided to create the game in English to gather enought preorder with kickstarter to have affordable costs . However, having the cards in english doesn't mean you have to pitch in English. When we tested the ame in France, depending of the group the attendees decided to pitch in French of in English.
This is great!
@thesiskar Thank you Kevin!