Pitch Again

Unlimited second chances to pitch your idea

Craft your pitch by talking to infinite numbers of US companies.

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👋 Heyyy, makers! 🚀🚀🚀 Super excited to launch this here. As we know it’s simply not enough to build something people want. Talking to people is the hardest part for most of us. My experiment: Phone-called to +370 US companies and kept pitching my stuff until it's - easy to digest - easy to remember and to share with others The goal of the experiment was to test whether pitching to hundreds of (different) people and answering their both smart and dumb questions ^_^ makes my pitch better. How I did this? I started googling and calling to random US companies using Google Hangouts. Before starting a conversation, I did my research on their website/portfolio. :D As the conversation went interesting then I pitched my stuff. :D This way I called to hundreds of companies and each time it gradually increased clarity of my pitch. It's so much better than talking to yourself and pitching to the mirror. Later, to optimize a time spent on googling, I scraped 200k rows of data containing a phone number, website, etc. Thought: why not to turn this data into the more useful format - a product? Inspired by @thepatwalls 24 hour Startup Challenge, I decided to build this project in 24 hours. Two things that I wish to know before: 1. Don’t just make it. Pitch it. 2. Don't just pitch once. Pitch again and again. With love, - Samandar
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@ok_samandar This is a boots on the ground actionable way to get real feedback outside of the safety of our existing friends circle. You'll know if you're resonating with someone without the fake trying to be nice to you part. It's a great way to develop thicker skin and get out into the world beyond I can build this great app.
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@vanessapagan Thank you Vanessa 😅 for sharing your B2B outreach guide for indie founders: https://docs.google.com/document... Highly recommend! 👍 I was not so systematic about it. Feeling so beginner here. Yeah, looks like I should pitch smarter not just harder :D
Funnily enough, the way you pitch this product on your website is lacking — “Craft your pitch by talking to infinite numbers of USA companies”. The whole website goes on about why you should practice pitching after that. There is no pricing, no explanation, no proof of concept, nothing... You just ask for my email, name and birth date for some reason. I made a temporary email account, went though the hoops... and didn’t receive anything. On top of that, your website is broken here and there, anchors collide with ref link from product hunt (amazingly enough for 2 pages). So... pitch again, I guess?
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@lebaux Thank you for the feedback. Please sorry me :D, - I build this project in hurry and also it's my first ever experience to share something on PH. - Wanted to make a demo video. But worried to get sued for that. Not sure whether it's legal to record a conversation and publicly share it here. - Yes, I'm a funny beginner and there are still many things to learn for me. For sure!
@lebaux Friends, it requires a bit of courage to initiate conversation. No experience is needed. Believe me, you can do it! Even my English is so bad, I tried my best to refine my speech and the way I deliver a message. To avoid legal issues I couldn't prepare a demo video (showing how I pitched). The only thing I can demo for now:
@ok_samandar that is a good approach, I hope you will refine this into viable thing! Good luck! If you make some progress and release 2.0 version, post it on PH again. :)
@lebaux Thanks man ! Sure, I will keep you updated :D

It's fast


it's simple


it's have been developed in 24 hours

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I am not sure what is the web site offering
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Where is that video starring Ashton kutcher from
@mickc79 It's from Steve Jobs movie ^^