Pistol Lake

Rugged, vintage-inspired sweatshirts sewn in Los Angeles

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Hey all, we've been working on these sweatshirts for almost a year. We looked at over 200 french terry fabrics to find the perfect 100% cotton and worked with the mill for the right weight. We were inspired by the old varsity crew neck sweatshirts but we tailored them for a more modern fit. We hand-sew our shirts in small-batches in Los Angeles and stand behind everything we make with a 100% guarantee -- if ever dissatisfied, we take care of it. We're tech guys too - my co-founder, Shane, and I met in one of the first TechStars classes. After building tech companies for a while, I wanted to change it up. I grew up watching most of my family sew shoes in Maine, and wanted to bring the kind of quality back to apparel that used to be there. We invest a huge amount of time in perfecting our designs and fits, so they're modern, tailored, and consistent. We're in the factory constantly and make sure everything is sewn rugged. We garment-dye everything close to the factory so our sweatshirts are soft, wear well over time, and don't ever shrink. Would love to answer any questions you have about the crew neck sweatshirt we just launched or about shifting gears from building a tech company to building an apparel manufacturer here in Los Angeles.
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I'm a long time customer of Pistol Lake (having backed them on Kickstarter!) and love their clothes. Today they're rolling out a brand new crew neck sweatshirt that's been in the works for a while. Seemed it was time to share them with the PH community!
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@chrismessina thanks Chris, really appreciate the support!
Long time customer of PL as well...been a fun progression since the KS campaign. Go Will and Shane :) Sweatshirt on the way..
@ryandawidjan can't wait to hear what you think.
Also, we've been working on some really rad baseball tees that we were waiting to launch... but we just screenprinted Pistol Lake in throwback varsity lettering on them and they look awesome, so we want to give them to you guys. So exclusively for Product Hunters, if you grab one of our crew neck sweatshirts, we'll hook you up with one of the baseball tees as well.
Disclaimer: I'm more than a bit biased here. Will has been one of my closest advisors since I met him when he was in Techstars over 5 years ago, he's become one of my best friends, and I was lucky enough to be the first investor in Pistol Lake, and I fucking love Shane too... But, even if none of that was case, I'd still love the shit out of the clothes. Of the shirts I wear, about 75% of them are Pistol Lake. And I have the crew neck sweatshirt on right now (investor/best friend perks ftw!). It's most certainly upped that percent. I've been wearing it for the last month almost non-stop since Will let me snag an early version. Go buy one (and a henley, and a v-neck) Trust me.