Pistachio Email Templates

Delicious newsletter templates built for automation

Building an email list is hard enough as it is. On top of that, you have to create or curate good content. Finally, you got to package everything into a beautiful newsletter and send it to your hard-earned subscribers. Preferably at least once a week.

This is where automation comes in. Pistachio is built specifically for that and integrates with Mailchimp built-in RSS automation feature.

Set MailChimp to send out once a day, week or month and all new items from your site will automatically get sent.

Pistachio email templates take advantage of this feature so you can automate your emails in a beautiful way.

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Hey everyone! Jan from Pistachio here. Happy to answer any questions or comments you might have. Here's our backstory: Two years ago Piotr and I launched Chipmunk Theme — A Wordpress theme for content curation. We've learned that if you can automate something, definitely do that. The problem is that automated systems don't always look beautiful. Pistachio email templates change that, at least for automated emails. It integrates with Mailchimp built-in RSS automation feature, so you'll be able to pull in data such as images, titles, descriptions, and dates from any RSS feed. Set MailChimp to send out once a day, week or month and all new items from your site will automatically get sent to your hard-earned subscribers. To be clear, we didn't invent this feature. What we do offer tho is a way to take advantage of this, to automate your emails in a beautiful way. For all Product Hunters that want to try this out, we're offering you exclusive 20% off with the discount code "producthunt20". Happy automation!
Love your work @janwennesland and have purchased to test out as I love the Chipmunk theme!
@richp_ Thanks man! Really appreciate it 🙌
Pros: - Great design - Automated version for Mailchimp Cons: - None
I like it!
Loving it. Is this compatible with chipmunk theme only or will work exactly well with normal WordPress sites as well? I mean Chipmunk has different custom post types like Resources and collections etc which is different from how normal post works. Will it work equally well with this theme as well. Also, Is it WYSIWYG type customizable as as well? Apart from Mailchimp, is there any compatibility reporting with Sendpulse ? Thank you.
@niteshmanav Thanks Nitesh! The templates can be used with any system (WordPress or any other CMS). It's not tied to the Chipmunk Theme in any way. If you want to use the Mailchimp RSS version, your site will just have to have a valid RSS feed. We only have it integrated with Mailchimp, but you can use the HTML version and connect it with any system, including Sendpulse. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Loved the themes though couldn't find something that would work for on-boarding/Sales
@vigil_viswanathan Thanks! That's actually a great idea. Might be worth a feature update.