Pixel art and animated sprites

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Can I sign off for a while to play around with this @rrhoover ?
Constantine Apostolou
@conmarap1 · Software Engineer
I've used Piskel for 2 of my games. I love it!
Giacomo Lawrance
@giacomolaw · Author of thenerdystudent.com
This is a great little app. I use it to make upvote, downvote and other things like that for Reddit. It's also pretty fun for little icons for games and other programs.
I love Piskel! I've used it for a couple of my games. It never fails to deliver astonishing quality.
Aaron Kazah
This is freaking awesome! http://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot... made this in 2 minutes