Pirate Manifesto for PR

Declaring a war on bullshit PR and the empty message.

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Hi Stefan, I'm not a journalist but even I'm getting ten / twenty pitches per week in my mailbox, most of it is bullshit. Can you give examples of PR done the pirate way?
@patrick Yes, I know journalist get 100's of pitches daily - hopefully our manifesto can help companies create more interesting stories for them. We have an example of Pirate PR on our blog post here: http://press.pr.co/112310-fight-... I also came across an interesting example today from a Danish travel site http://www.spies.dk/do-it-for-de... and this corresponding youtube video that's gone somewhat viral today:
I would argue their purpose is helping your kids (or yourself) to some alone time to strengthen your relationship. Which sounds to me like a good noble cause. Yes, they hide this purpose behind a slightly quirky (yet relevant) hook of declining birthrates in Denmark. And of course adding the sex theme will help its appeal. (Also helping people have more sex sounds like another noble purpose to me). In the end this travel company understands better than most other bland travel companies why people travel: building valuable experiences with loved ones - some of those memories will live as photo's or fb posts and some of those memories will be living humans throwing lego's through your living room before you know it. ;-)
Was this inspired in any way by "Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!" ?
@juice10 Very much. ;-) And by the PirateSummit conference in Cologne.