Topic based socializing in real life

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Hey PH Community! This is our Promo video, hope you enjoy it and feel free for feedbacks and critics! vimeo.com/pipoapp/2 for mobile; vimeo.com/pipoapp/mobile Thanks!
Pipo App is for those who like learning from others, sharing knowledge face to face and strive to meet new people with similar interests and curiosities.
Congrats on the launch. I'm curious to know why you think people would use this over meetup?
@sidhantgandhi Hey there, thank you for greetings We are very excited to be on PH indeed!! Good question, How it differs from meet up? Pipo has two main characteristic differs from meetup; - Pipo is individual, Users choose their interested topic, the place to be and the time to spend there. Other users around see the announcement on the search page, if they are interested with the topic and the person involved they request to join that PIPO, by sending only one messaging. - Pipo is spontaneous, the meetings occur within the 24 hours. It is really instant. - Limited messaging and collaborative reference system to other users are the other elements of Pipo. We really believe in the potential and strength of the communication occur by this spontenaous way. Hope It makes sense, Looking forward for your feedbacks hunters!