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Hey folks! We really did have a need to personalise our own news and read content we really loved, but there was nothing out there that did that. If I wanted to track Elon Musk & all his doings, how was I supposed to do it? I wanted to know about Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City; possibly even track Donald Trump's run up to the 2016 Presidential elections, how as I to do that? Pipes was the answer to us & we set about building one of the most artificially intelligent news apps. UI /UX: Pipes' designs are some of the best we've ever built. I can personally assure you it's one of the top designed News apps across the World. Even Apple News would be proud! Recommendation Engine: Pipes also comes with a Recommendation Engine that recommends interests, articles & other data that is curated just for you. It is super smart. Summary: Pipes' power packed Summary gives you 4 of the most important points of the article. And, the accuracy is over 95%. We think it's better than what Summly used to be. We have so many others like a game inside the app, NewsList where you could listen to your news, custom push notifications & track over 2 million topics. We would love to hear your feedback. Either comment below or reach out to us on Twitter (@pipesapp) if you have any questions.
@vinayanand93 FYI you have a bug where it infinitely loops if I accidentally hit cancel on the Facebook dialog
@vinayanand93 this might be an interesting successor to Zite. Do you have any UK specific contents? And looking forward to seeing some other (non FB) login options!
Yes, it makes for great timing. Yes we have over 400 sources from the UK. Definitely going to add other social networks that could be used to login. I hope you liked the app. Thanks for leaving behind your comment. Cheers.
Comparison to Flipboard? I'm a news app geek myself. Built GetGazzet.com for BB10 after I saw no good readers in App World