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First off, I’d like to start by thanking Justing Jackson for Hunting us! My name is Alessio Alionço and I’m Pipefy’s founder and CEO. A few months back we’ve received a 2.4M seed round from Trinity Ventures, Valor Capital, Redpoint E.Ventures, Funders Club, AngelList, 500 Startups, and the founders of Zendesk to name a few. This investment was exactly what we’ve needed to work full speed and release Pipefy 2.0: a fully redesigned, improved version of Pipefy that’s made it even easier for companies to more efficiently manage their processes. Having our startup templates bundle featured on Product Hunt today is the perfect icing on our success cake! We’re very grateful for the acknowledgement and we can safely say we’ll come back with exciting news many, many times in the near future! Cheers! =)
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This looks like a tremendous product. Very well-designed, too.
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Hello guys, I am the Product Designer of Pipefy. Would love to hear your first impressions about your experience with us! :)
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@mrvanz Hey I really like this... mind emailing me please? kieran@fieldpulse.com - Might be interested in shouldering a user case study for you guys? thanks so much!! great job congrats!
@mrvanz Spent all of 45 mins on the platform. Hated the forced tutorial - but absolutely love the platform so far. It's been 45 mins and I'm planning a day to dive deeper so I can potentially move all our task, process and system related stuff over.
@mrvanz Love the concept. Though when I went to give it a try, it kept asking me for more and more info. First email. The it asks for "just 2 questions". Then company name. Then phone number and a bunch more info. That's a lot to ask for before demonstrating value. Please don't interpret as a complaint. Just intended as helpful feedback.
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Looks great -- VERY aggressive sales team. Expect a call w/ ten minutes of signing up if you give your real phone number.
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@trevor_coleman wow... yeah, I'd never give out my real phone number when signing up to something like this where they don't need it
@_jacksmith It's usually harmless! I've had 2-3 startups call me within a couple minutes of signing up recently. It's a bit too much. Feels very invasive and reactive. Have some chill, customer success team. Have some chill.
Congrats to the team! This looks very well designed and love how you broke down the use cases on the home page. I've been a huge user of Trello for some time now and have had to setup each board for workflows without best practices in place as a template/default version. This should be a great tool for getting some of my projects and clients setup where Trello would take more configuration. Looking forward to using this!
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Thank you, @yoroomie ! We're looking forward to having you around!