Pipedrive Leadbooster

Catch hot web leads before they bounce

LeadBooster is a CRM-integrated conversational chatbot that enables your business to automatically qualify more leads, book more meetings and close deals faster.
LeadBooster engages in conversations with your visitors as soon as they land on your homepage.
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6 Reviews3.3/5
Sadly, right now, its a very limited product.
@populo Agreed! People want live chat on sites nowadays. Not a limited bot.
@populo @monika__brooks Most SMBs cannot afford a chatter, so this tool serves around 90% existing companies worldwide in their sales efforts to qualify leads. There are other tools that can provide the necessary help to build a live chat, but other costs are involved.
@monika__brooks @diogo_silva2 so only 10% of companies want to be able communicate with their customers in real time? 90% prefer to have their customers talking to an automated system? Hmmm... Either way, as a chatbot it is extremely limited, so there are much better options out there if thats your preference. Including chatbots that actually let you chat live as well. I am an avid pipedrive user and love pipedrive. Just not the leadbooster. Since it was introduced a few months back, it has not been developed, which is why they probably dropped the decision to charge extra per month for it. I would love to use it, but its just too limited right now.
Hey Product Hunters, Today, I'm hunting a brand new tool from Pipedrive - a conversational chatbot, letting you qualify leads landing on your website and add them automatically to your CRM. Use it to capture, qualify and act on leads faster and to automatically schedule meetings with your website's visitors. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
To try only this tool i must try all the platform?
@fciotola Yes, you need to use Pipedrive to use Leadbooster, you can try it out for extended 30 days (normally it's 14) using the link below: https://pipedrive.software/trial
Great tool, we are thinking about using it for CloudTalk
Can I customize LeadBooster look?
Yes, you can customize colors, theme and a profile picture.