1 million eCommerce leads - recommended by algorithms

#5 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2017

Find eCommerce and Retail Leads. Discover Insights about shipping, tech, SKUs and 40 other facets. Predict and Prioritize high quality leads using machine learning models.

  • Spritle Software
    Spritle SoftwareFounder, Spritle

    Tailored interface and loves the auto-learning backend engine


    Keep up the accuracy

    We at Spritle software using PipeCandy for generating specific leads in ecommerce industry. We are one of early adapaters and lead quality is getting better everyday.

    Spritle Software has used this product for one year.
  • Gandhi Gopinath
    Gandhi GopinathFounder, Startup

    Focused product. Looks easy to use & the value prop for the sales guy is fairly obvious!


    For the industry domain they're working on & the filtering depth, I don't see many alternatives

    As someone who has been in the B2B industry for 2 decades, I've personally seen how painful it is to generate meaningful leads. The most often heard complaint from sales is how poor the leads are. PipeCandy seems to attack this problem for specific industries. Its an approach I like because they're much more likely to make an impact with such a focus, rather than be everything to everybody.

    Gandhi Gopinath has never used this product.
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Ashwin | PipeCandy
Ashwin | PipeCandyMaker@ashwinizer · Founder
Sign up for PipeCandy annual subscription through our website, put in 'ProductHunt' in the message description (when you schedule a demo) and we'll give them a 20% discount on annual contract pricing, if you buy before end of november.
finist4x@dimitriy_goustchinski · CAO
Great product! Every new marketing tool is an event! I study all the possibilities ...
Ashwin | PipeCandy
Ashwin | PipeCandyMaker@ashwinizer · Founder
Also, we are here for an AMA. Do drop in with your questions :)
Sharan Reddy
Sharan Reddy@sharanreddy
Nice, we're looking in to a lead gen service for our startup. While we don't fall under the eCommerce or retail categories, I'm curious, how is Pipecandy different from infer, 6 sense and others in this space?
Ashwin | PipeCandy
Ashwin | PipeCandyMaker@ashwinizer · Founder
@sharanreddy Thanks! There are general purpose predictive lead generation companies. 6Sense, Infer etc. fall under that category. They use third party data and apply generic predictive models based on revenue, public news, technology usage etc. But PipeCandy has a narrow focus. We generate leads and insights only about ecommerce and retail companies. And, we generate our own data about such companies that are not available anywhere else. So our underlying data is very unique and very focused. Also our predictive models are purpose written to discover trends and insights in the ecommerce industry. So, yeah - Narrow focus, unique data and purporse-built algos :).
Hari Ganapathy
Hari GanapathyHiring@ichbinhari · Co-Founder
this is interesting. do you also let us import these leads in CRMs like Salesforce or other platforms?
Ashwin | PipeCandy
Ashwin | PipeCandyMaker@ashwinizer · Founder
@ichbinhari Yes Hari. Not just importing but also de-dupe the list by comparing with your salesforce CRM so that you pay only for net-new leads. We have an 'out of the box' integration with Salesforce and an API for the rest.