Pipe Cube

A deep puzzle game with many twists. Also cash prizes.

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Tim O'Neil
Tim O'NeilMaker@tim_bluenose · CEO, Tether Studios
Hello ProductHunt! I'd like to share our newest game with you: Pipe Cube. Pipe Cube is a love letter to the classic gameplay of Pipe Dream, re-imagined as a game-of-skill where you can play for fun or compete for cash prizes. During one long summer, 21 years ago, I found myself home from school and living in Newfoundland with my parents. They had just moved in and I had never been there before, hence I didn't have a friend within 1,000 miles. I got a summer job, but otherwise spent all my free time playing games on our clunky old windows (3.1) PC. My favorite game of that summer was Pipe Dream from the MS Windows Entertainment pack and I remember playing it so much that I had recurring dreams about solving new levels in my sleep. Fond memories. Aletheia and I founded Tether Studios a few years ago and we've been focused on making skill games for the last year and a half. We've published more than a dozen games to date and Pipe Cube is the one that we are most proud of. If you've never tried a mobile skill-game before, then (IMHO) this is a great starting point. It's super simple, but devilishly complex in the details. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and we'd love any feedback you might have. If you have any questions (such as whether and where its actually legal to wager money on mobile games), by all means fire away... ... although that first one is easy - we use the Skillz multiplayer platform to power our skill-game tournaments and yes, it is legal in 38 states and most countries around the world and you can always play for free anywhere, anytime.
@tim_bluenose I gotta ask about the android app :)
Tim O'Neil
Tim O'NeilMaker@tim_bluenose · CEO, Tether Studios
@kiwison Unfortunately, Google does not currently allow apps that include or link to RMG in the Play store. While we can still make android versions, we can only market the games to people who are willing to download and install from direct sources. So far we've launched a few Android skill-games, but we tend to slow-roll the Android development until after launch and we have a better sense of whether the game is getting decent traction. We've been debating doing a single-player version of the core gameplay, with a more traditional ad-based design instead of the skill-based system we have now. If we go in that direction then we'd surely launch with an Android version as well. Separately, Google is now readying a pilot program for true RMG games in the UK (betting apps mostly) with a very particular certification program, which may lead to a similar program that allows for Skill games in the US, but no official roadmap has yet been announced.
Shawn Topp
Shawn Topp@shawntopp · Writer
@tim_bluenose this is great - I love the nostalgia factor! Great job.
Tim O'Neil
Tim O'NeilMaker@tim_bluenose · CEO, Tether Studios
@shawntopp Thanks! The feedback is much appreciated :)