Add video recording to your website or app

Pipe makes it easy to add video recording to your web site or app. It takes care of the recording, conversion & storage and integrates directly with Amazon S3, (S)FTP, Dropbox and YouTube.

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Hello ProductHunt, and thank you @bramk for hunting us! Pipe’s my (new) 1.5+ years startup. It lets you easily add video recording to your website and mobile apps. It now handles everything from: * delivering the recording client through a CDN to * recording from mobile/desktop web and native apps * transcoding to .mp4 & adding watermarks * pushing the video to your S3/SFTP/Dropbox storage * sending out webhooks and providing APIs * managing videos, environments & storage options and a bunch of other cool stuff. Feel free to check it out (there’s a working client on the homepage + a free all access trial) and post your feedback on PH. I’ll be here to answer questions all day and in the days to come. 🙏 Octavian & Remus from the Pipe team PS: special offer for the cat-loving PH community: if you ever sign up for the paid accounts ProductHunt20 will get you 20% off recurrently saving lots of💰
This product looks really useful . I have two suggestions. 1. Pricing - I find it a bit difficult to understand what my subscription is getting me. For example, how many minutes at what resolution. The information is on your site, I just think it could be clearer. 2. What if I wanted just one video in high quality without a watermark? Recently I have seen a couple of apps offer pricing on a pay per export basis.
@ebrahimkhalil Thank you for your feedback. 1. We're exploring ways to better present the pricing information on our website. At 1¢/min for web video (320x240) the Standard plan ($50/mo) would cover up to 5000 such vids. 2. It would cost you $50 but that would be a rather strange usage scenario where you would only need to record 1 video.
@octavian_yuri_naicu thanks for the reply . i think you understand what i am saying clearly. Pipe looks like a really good option.
Hi Octavian, I like what you guys are doing a lot, I'd been comparing your service to others on your 'vs' pages the last week or so. Created an account and had a look over the docs. Things were looking good but where I get held up is with the 'All videos shorter than 1 minute are rounded up to 1 minute for billing purposes. We charge per second after the 1-minute mark for each video.' That's a hard sell for any social application where median video length is substantially shorter. 4-5x's the cost basically when your average video length is 10-15 sec. Maybe the service is targeting a different clientele, but there is certainly an audience here also.
@paultomkinson Hi Paul, This is a huge topic, but I've tried to put together a short answer. The gist of it is that we haven't yet had a short vid customer where it would make a difference. At one extreme we have Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder pricing where each partial minute is rounded up to the next full minute, at the other end we could have per second pricing but at 1¢ /minute how do you charge for 17 seconds? Whatever the increment we do have to strike a balance between, costs, revenues, clarity & ease of implementation. We currently round up to one minute and charge /second after that which we know is fine with the customers we’re more in contact with because most of them record 1+ minute vids. So we are open to discussions on short vid pricing, we’ve just never had such a customer. With short vids the /minute pricing for under 60 seconds vids affects you only if you record past the minutes covered by your monthly subscription fee. One solution would be migrating towards a 10-second increment which would be simpler overall and, when recording short vids past the monthly subscription fee, would remove the 1¢ /minute lower limit and evenly scale the costs with the total amount of seconds rather than with the amount of vids.
@octavian_yuri_naicu thank you for that explanation. I will reach out directly from here. The tier bucket system of time used can be a good foundational pricing system for sure. As our use case shows, the 10 (or 15) sec increments (or per sec as opposed to # of videos) might be worth your consideration. Perhaps a flexible combination of the two? Look fwd to following up and thanks again for the detailed response. AddPipe looks solid!

Perfect product to get video recording on your





Interested to see this here - I am trying to understand when you say you record from your website - is that using a web camera or screen sharing - you mention you take car of the recording. Also what kinds of businesses are typically using your platform and what kinds of videos are they creating? Thanks
@krishnade The web client captures video from the user's webcam. Pipe is being used by applicant tracking systems to power video interviews, advertising agencies to create interactive video campaigns, form providers to add video recording capabilities to their forms, payment providers to authenticate users & and various other businesses to record feedback, video messages, video emails, etc.