Pip 2.0

Easily send useful notifications, now with custom messages!

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Finally! Pip, our notifications-based messaging app, fixes and improves the two areas we heard the most feedback about! First, now over 150+ countries are now able to download and use Pip 2.0 from the App Store (Google Play coming this or next week) — no more US numbers required to register. Finally. Second, the fun stuff: now you can create your own custom pips. Custom pips! Create multiple sheets of your own push notifications in any language, using any characters (including emoji), and configure their color scheme. 👏👏👏 Third: Pip now has a new tab bar-based layout, better friend search, improved inviting, account deletion, and lots of other stuff. If you haven’t tried Pip yet, I hope you’ll give it a swing! (Pip me at “ryan”). And if you tried Pip before, I can’t wait for you to give 2.0 a shot and hear what you think. 👊
@ryan This looks cool and I think it would be useful. But with all these new messaging apps I'm really wondering how you're going to overcome that *bump* of getting people to switch to your app - or is this more focussed on - let's call it - "niche communcation" ?
@ryan congrats on the major update! Finally I can check it out!!! Ha, been waiting for months ;)
@ryan hmz, trying to sign up, but keeps saying user name is invalid? Tried all possible combinations.
@bramk our aim has always been to build a companion messaging app. We don't think people will switch per se, but we hope they will adopt us in addition to whatever their messaging tool of choice is today.
It's a bit unclear from the website. Are you able to customize the push notification message itself? Or do the custom messages just live in the app?
@taykcrane Your custom pip message shows up in the push notification as well
@taykcrane yeah, what @mitchellmckenna said, the custom messages you create in the app are sent as push notifications to your friends. So you can make any type of message that way.