Simple, personalized nutrition 🍓📊

Pinto is a new kind of nutrition app that helps you reach your health goals with simple, personalized nutrition.

Use Pinto to track your diet, get instant analysis on how any food fits your needs, and discover new foods that are a good option for you.

Pinto covers common diets/needs like Keto, Heart Health, flagging added sugars, + many more!

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Hi ProductHunt! I’m Sam (one of the makers), Let us know your thoughts and questions! Happy to answer them. The lowdown: We're a team of programmers, designers and dietitians with a fundamental mission of building a new way to get simple/personalized nutrition info to people. The problem we want solve: modern nutrition has evolved, but nutrition tools and datasets really haven’t caught up. So while people increasingly have different needs and more nuanced considerations when it comes to nutrition, existing platforms/approaches still tend to be one-size-fits-all and treat us all as if we’re the same person. At Pinto, our approach is to simplify, personalize, and focus on getting the right info to the right person: you can build a profile, and then rather than show you *every* possible thing we can about nutrition, we want to focus on the things that are most relevant to you. For example, someone on Keto can focus on things like Net Carbs, Fat, Protein, Fiber, Macros; someone doing Whole 30 can quickly see if a food fits that diet’s strict 30-day plan (does it have added sugars? grains? etc.); and someone with an allergy or intolerance can easily spot those in their foods. We have a bunch of prebuilt profiles that are pre-configured for common plans (check them out here -->, but if you don’t follow a specific diet we also help you build a profile around the most common aspects of healthy eating... and then you can customize as you please. Our 3 Favorite Features: —> Personalized Info: Scan a barcode or search for a food and we’ll highlight the info that’s most relevant for you. We’ll also give you an analysis on how well it fits your diet/goals (we use a color-coding system that’s personalized for your diet) —> Diet Tracking Made Easier: Track your diet and see how you're doing against your targets (we use image recognition so you just need to snap a photo of your meals on the iPhone app) —> Food Finding: Search and find foods that fit your individual need/preferences (for example: Yogurts that do not have added sugars and are high in protein, or Ice Creams that are Keto) A few FAQs: --> Integrated with Healthkit? yep! --> Android app? In the works. --> Is it free? Yep. 100%. (+ no PRO version gating features) --> European access? Soon pending GDPR compliance. --> Want us to add a diet or data point to the platform? Let us know -->
@pinto @sloversam My friend and I use myfitnesspal pretty regularly and in terms of something that is used to keep track of our cals this falls a little short. I hope you don't mind me saying, but I'd love to share a wish list of sorts. • With our smart watches we track our activities so we'd love to add that to our day and have it recalculate our available calories • We're used to uploaded recipes and have it pull the estimated calories vs adding each ingredient one by one. These are just some initial thoughts. Will use the app a bit more and see how it goes!
This looks promising!
Pinto means Penis in some languages (e.g. Portuguese) 😅
@brunolemos it'll certainly be memorable then 😂😅.. (btw our fave Thai restaurant in NYC is called Pinto (neither here nor there, but if you're NY, give it a try!))
UI looks like Lifesum app. I actually thought it is a side project of Lifesum. But seems it is not.
@artyom_mihelson alas, we are not lifesum. they do have fun food characters though (and we also are fans of fun food characters!)
@sloversam yeah, characters look cool ;) will try. How many Ukrainian product barcodes you support?
@artyom_mihelson for Ukraine specifically... not many 😂We do have all common/staple foods (meat/seafood, produce etc etc). The idea of international expansion is intriguing (and part of the long term mission), but will take some time.
Will users be able to add their own food and food products? I've been looking for a better alternative to myfitnesspal which I found a little cumbersome of an app and service.
@rosenzone Hi Nate! Yes, you can add your own food (choose the "Quick Add" option, and you can enter as much of the nutrients as you want). We have some other cool ways you'll be able to add food soon, as well. So stay tuned...
@sloversam Thanks! Look forward to trying it!