Crowdsource location-prompted advice

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A little tip for the maker on the landing page: consider compressing a hero image, 1.3MB is an overkill.
Thank you @vladzima, I totally agree, will do!
This app is great for locals with awesome location-based tips, or wanderers seeking to discover new sites. As you near a "tip" a notification sounds and advice pops on to your screen.
Hello PH and thanks @kikischirr for posting PinTip! At PinTip we feel that places need better, more relevant tips; they should come to you automatically and with control over where and when you get them; and yes, it should all be done simply. We believe we've solved this by enabling users to follow each other, like Twitter to get tips. By following a user on PinTip, you opt-in to receiving their tips within radius of the places they're posted. To encourage the quality of tips, they are ranked within a location feed through liking (up vote), disliking (down vote) and following as an additional vote of confidence so that the most relevant and trusted tips appear on top. Users are only identified by their handle (nickname) so that you can feel comfortable to share information about places with others, but with a "followership" in place to encourage the highest quality tips about places. Anyone can post a tip at any location or pin a new location to start a feed in your area. Ultimately, we think that tips are the future of local discovery because they are short-and-sweet, ideal for receiving as an alert on your phone (and eventually wearable) and we hope that PinTip delivers the best and simplest experience for receiving them. Enjoy! Oh, and If you own a store, check out our HomeBase feature in the side menu where a store owner can create verified locations, with top posts, image posts, richer location profiles and with the ability to post to multiple locations simultaneously.
@jimlbax Nice, following users and receiving their tips seems a good way to avoid spam/ads!
Yes @manasvinik, we also feel that it's a great solution for keeping things relevant while minimizing vitriol that you often see in public location-based forums! You can also follow the owners of stores and shops to get their tips as well but that of course is up to you. ;-)