Pinterest Developer API

Incorporate pinning into your app (beta signup)

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This is a big step for Pinterest. Buffer is one of the first early adopters (discussion with @joelgascoigne, @leowid, and team here). @8en (and the Pinterest team) - how do you imagine people using this and what are some of the most creative integrations have you seen (that you can share)? P.S. signing up for access now. 😉
@joelgascoigne @leowid @8en @rrhoover I think the sky's the limit, honestly. We had an internal hackathon about a month ago to dogfood the API, and it was really inspiring to see what people built in just a few days. Some of the more popular use cases were apps for ordering ingredients from a recipe Pin or booking trips based on travel Pins. I built an offline article Pin reader. Pinterest is a very inspirational place (i.e. planning a house renovation, wedding, or even that night's recipe), and being able to complete the circuit and enable people to actually do those things in real life is something I'm super excited about. I think the Developer API will enable people to build those experiences.
@datbayev ... Wow. I know I was looking for this 2 yrs ago.
Been waiting for this news for a while. Very excited to see Pinterest joining what I like to call the remix economy. When you have a social platform with so much awesome user generated & curated content, unleashing devs in order to find novel, innovative and counterintuitive ways to interact with that content is a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see what kind of experiences people build with this thing, and I'll definitely be applying for beta access ;)
Would love an ads API :)
Signed up for access. Really excited about this.