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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2015
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Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
The Pinterest API is finally out of beta and developers can integrate content from Pinterest into their own apps.
Rob Race
Rob Race@rob__race · Founder of
I hope APIs to other social networks do not go the way of the Twitter API. Remember makers, be careful when building a product around another companies API! :)
Andrew Torba
Andrew Torba@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
Patiently waiting for the Pinterest Ads API to open up too. :)
Brendan@gratefuldays · Partner Integrations Engineer, Pinterest
@torbahax DM me let's talk! @gratefuldays :)
Kori Handy
Kori Handy@koridhandy · VP of Design
@gratefuldays @torbahax we are waiting too, got some great ideas.
Imrat Jn
Imrat Jn@imrat · Affiliates Anonymous
Finally!!! This has taken sooo long. I created an unofficial group many years ago when an unofficial api was leaked and pulled within days:
adam mashaal
adam mashaal@adammash · Founder of Being. East Village, NYC
So long overdue! Congrats guys. Excited to see how product devs make use of this. I'm already thinking about how to make this work with @Mashfeed :)