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Hey ProductHunters, Pintask founder here, ready to answer your questions ;)
LOL at the sheep on the homepage. :) @DenGorbachev - I'm particularly interested in the "Spire Club" you've created, giving users the opportunity to suggest new features and help improve the product. How is this working?
These are mascots. We figured that every successful startup had one, so getting two and featuring them on homepage might give us a better chance. Sheep FTW! Spire Club was actually founded by core users themselves. They wanted MORE features — but mostly similar ones. So I introduced people to each other for better conversation. And then some members proposed us to build a custom extension. So we did :) As of now, we're only inviting new members when the hottest requests of current ones have been implemented. However, rare exceptions of instant invite occur when a non-member proposes something that is being built right now.
That's awesome. But why not goats? ;) h/t @machinehuman
Goats are too mainstream. We needed something to really stand out — and sheep fill every photo with its fleece.