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As if we need to spend more time in Slack being 'un-productive' haha
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This is cool. Really curious to see how Slack bots/integrations will introduce and evolve workplace gamification. It's a big challenge to provide a great experience while being constricted to a text-centric interface and office culture. Great job!
@yoavanaki exactly. We gamify "thanks" and 👍-type emojis to produce a leaderboard of the most helpful team members.
@yoavanaki we've been using Pinpon at Coinbase for over a year and it has organically grown by itself and helped create an even more fun culture of pingpong.
Pinpon is still in beta, try https://www.producthunt.com/tech..., a similar and free service available now.
Cannot wait to use this in our office! And the design is beautiful! Thanks for making something we've wished was available!
Awesome. Looks like a more evolved pongbot (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) which we are a big fan of at the @naritiv office. Will definitely try it out when it's ready.
@goeric Yep, and it looks awesome! Pongbot was a quick two-day project, and I love improved ideas. :)