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Hey Product Hunters, Me and the guys and @lickability are thrilled to announce that we recently acquired Bugshot from @marcoarment and completely rewrote and redesigned it as Pinpoint. Let me know what you think and I’d be happy to answer your questions.
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@mb Just talked to you about this! Excited to try it out.
@webjoe Congrats, I was a big fan of Bugshot. It was simple but really helpful. Glad to see it is in good hands :)
Thanks a lot @rstankov. Thanks for the PH vote and the vote of confidence :)
Very nice, I downloaded and did some markups to try it out. As has been mentioned previously, an undo would be nice as well as a way to move the annotation (sometimes I can't draw a correct box exactly where u want it). As a developer I really like what you did in the 'About' dialog. Those people deserve being called out like that and few apps do what you've done. Regarding the IAP, how did you arrive at that price? I'll admit that I was ready to pull the trigger and purchase the colors until I saw the $5 US price tag. Now, I'm not cheap, I believe people should charge whatever they want, and I would like the average cost of apps to go up a bit. To me, that charge is a bit high for the return. Are you looking to recoup some of the dev costs by raising the IAP cost? Are you concerned that customers will use just use other, less expensive alternatives?
Here’s the app description for those who are curious but unable or unwilling to click through: You take screenshots. But sometimes you need to mark them up a bit before sharing them with your friends (or enemies). You know: point stuff out, blur out your business, jot down thoughts. Pinpoint’s got you covered. With Pinpoint you can: • See all the screenshots you’ve ever taken • Draw arrows and boxes to pinpoint the important parts or the stuff that’s weird • Write text to explain what you’re thinking • Blur out your sensitive info to keep it from prying eyes • Share your finished screenshot masterpiece with literally anyone • Ditch the original screenshot so it’s not clogging up your photo library • Get new colors so that you’re cooler than your friends That’s it. It’s super simple by design. One thing: mark up your screenshots.
@mb Simple and useful product! We have been doing product testing on various mobile phones and often need to take a screenshot before filing bugs. Also see a personal use case for social sharing.
@syedz @mb for testing purpose you might also look at bugclipper.com - does screenshot annotation along with screen recordings. Would love to hear your views.
@syedz Thanks a lot. We really loved Bugshot and were devastated when it vanished. We’re so glad it’s back and that people are already finding it useful.
@pearapps I think you mean chill chains.
Been looking for something like this. Thanks!
@joshdance Glad that we built what you’re looking for. Happy to answer any questions or take your feedback.
Thank goodness. High hopes for this. I screenshot A LOT. And the workflow right now is broken and context gets lost b/c the image and the text about it is separated. This could be huge. Downloading now. Good use case for the PH SMS thing. Nice work, hope this lives up to the promise.