Pinpaper Press

Turn your social pics into custom wrapping paper in a snap!

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Good idea. Can it be free option and let users to print themselves? or limited amounts of free trial.
@jamie_chan At 24x36" per sheet, we are not optimistic that many people have access to printers that can achieve that, so that is really what we are charging for - professional print and delivery quality.
What a fun product! I managed to go through the process quite easily on my mobile phone. Some thoughts after seeing the product - sometimes when wrapping presents, the wrapping paper could be very person specific and making wrapping paper for that person would be exciting. For example, if I'm wrapping a gift for my significant other, it could be more meaningful if the images were only of the two of us, which from the interface it seems like that would have to come from making a Facebook album. Maybe it could be someway to get friend's public photos or view photos with other people? That is starting to get deep into some photo algorithm/face detection kind of application, but just an idea. Overall, great holiday hunt!
@kevinguebert Great suggestion! There are some privacy issues to consider with that kind of functionality, but we will keep it in mind!
@achellman Oh absolutely. That would be reaaaallll tough to pull off. It looks good though!