Pingy CLI

The simple frontend build tool. No config. No plugins

Gulp and Grunt and other heavyweight build tools are great for complicated build workflows. Sometimes you want something simpler that doesn't take lots of configuration to get up and running

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Hi Hunters, I decided to extract the build tool stuff from the Pingy Desktop App ( and make it open source and available as a stand-alone CLI. Hope you all like it. I'm truly excited about it and I think it's much simpler than similar tools out there. I'm happy to answer any questions and take feedback. :)
I like Pingy a lot. :D Really fast and truly zero-config. I just wish there's postCSS support. :D But for now SASS will do XD
@johnpaulada Thanks so much. PostCSS is definitely on the short list, expect it in the next 2-3 weeks :)
@davej Awesome! Great work! :D
I love pingy! When's the MacOs app coming?
@temmuz_o_d_guzel Thanks! You're talking about the desktop app on right? Based on feedback from a very early beta i decided to re-architect the way it works. The good news is that I'm super excited about the way it works now and Pingy CLI is one of the things that came out of the re-architect. The not-so-good news is that it's a couple of months away from launch. Pingy CLI is fully compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux by the way.
Really good so far, but I wished it would only export the html files, css files, etc... to dist folder instead of jade files, scss files, etc. Great job nonetheless!
@hexalis Thanks! Yeah, I might re-visit this in a future version, your request is noted. For now I recommend the solution here:
very cool and kudo's for open sourcing this !
@aidanjcasey Cheers Aidan, really appreciate the support. :)