Check your site status from your menubar

✅Get notification on desktop when site is down
✅Get notification when site is up
✅See site status in your menubar
I had to postpone the launch, but you can comment on the product and offer your ideas so that you would like to see in this application.
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Can this also check the https status. e.g.: If there would be a certificate problem to get a notification that the cert is broken
@jeroendeprest good idea! Thank you!
Very nice! At what interval are the sites checked?
Can’t be downloaded?
@csaba_kissi I had to postpone the launch.
How can I try it out?
@shaun_webster Unfortunately the launch is now postponed, but in the near future you will see this application in Mac App Store and a new launch on the PH
@we_dusa I'd be happy to beta test it for you, looking for a nice clean tool like this.