Message large groups using push notifications

Pingtumi is a mobile broadcast messaging service that enables any business, organization or individual to message large groups using push notifications.

Hello Product Hunters: I'm the founder of Pingtumi, a mobile broadcast messaging app that enables any business, organization or individual to message large groups using push notifications instead of text messages. The idea for Pingtumi came out of a growing frustration with not having access to the right information at the right time. For example, when my son was learning to swim, we would often drive long distances to the pool only to discover that it was closed because some other kid had an "accident". Or I would miss returning to a website to take advantage of a deal because I completly forgot. Or I would miss an important announcement because the message got buried in email. Has this ever happened to you? How does a business or organization get our immediate attention in real time to notify us of something WE care about? Well, they could just post a message to our social message feeds such as Facebook or Twitter but it's highly likely that the message will get lost in the noise of other content vying for our attention. Alternatively, they could send us a text message but that would require that we disclose our mobile number which many are reluctant to do. Pingtumi solves this problem for businesses and individuals by creating a "marketplace" for push notifications were businesses can publish the notifications they'll be sending and individuals can subscribe to notifications that are relevant to them, all without having to disclose their mobile number. Each notification has a descriptive title so the individual has a good understanding of the type of content they'll be receiving. Notifications can be marked as private (only accessible to closed groups) or public (accessible to anyone who uses Pingtumi). Please Note: - Pingtumi is not conversational like other chat apps. Our messages are intentionally broadcast only which allows us to eliminate the noise. - The broadcaster does not need to have an existing relationship with the subscriber. Anyone can subscribe to a public notification. - Messages don't have to be text only, you can also broadcast a webpage, map, audio or video file. - Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for later delivery by time or location. - We're relying on the Pingtumi community to post public notifications so if you have a notification you believe is valuable, feel free to mark it as public. - If you don't find a notification that's relevant to you, you can still get immediate value from Pingtumi by using it as a personal reminder. Pingtumi is completely reimagining notifications. It's still early days and we have yet to build a portfolio of business focused notifications but we're excited about what the future holds. We'd love you to give Pingtumi and try and let us know what you think. I'll available today to answer any questions the PH community might have. Happy pinging. Regards, Rod
@rodbrews This looks like a great tool and I was excited to test it but - I can not find it in the Irish app store and for Android when checking the Playstore online as I could not find it on my mobile it says it is incompatible with my device - I have a Samsumg S6 and Android version 7. Advice/help? Also can updates be done on the website or just mobile? And is there a widget that people can add to their website to inform people to subscribe to get notifications? Thanks
Hi @krishnade. Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, Pingtumi is only available in the U.S. Google and Apple app stores for now. We decided to do a phased roll out as it's still early days. The message you're receiving is probably because of this. All software updates are done via the mobile device as Pingtumi is a mobile app. We don't have a widget for websites but it's definately something we've been considering. In the interim, you can add the Pingtumi logo to a website along with the unique ID of the notification title. Anyone who has the Pingtumi app can then enter the ID in the Search section of the app and then subscribe to the notification. We've got plans to make the process even easier than that. I'll also be sure to let you know when we're available in Ireland. Given your interest, hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. All the best.
@rodbrews That would be great - I look forward to hearing when you have a roll out to the UK and Ireland
@krishnade Hi Krishna. I hope you're doing well. Pingtumi should now be visible in the Irish App Store for Apple and Google. Please let me know if you have any difficulty finding it. Regards, Rod.
@rodbrews Thanks - yes I see it there
First of all, I think this is a much needed solution for getting messages across in real time. Like you said, email and social media posts can easily get buried. Nothing gets your attention more than a notification that pops up on your screen. To utilize that for marketing is brilliant. I always wanted to find a way to send push notifications to leads or customers without needing to have an app they must download first. I like the "marketplace" twist of this as well. I'm definitely going to try this and see how I can use it to get to my leads and customers faster with higher "open" rates. Awesome product man. Good luck with your launch!
Thanks @fouad_tolaib. I hope it works for you. If it doesn't please let me know. We're very open to feedback and would love your ideas on how we can improve. All the best.