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#3 Product of the DayApril 15, 2018

Pingr alerts you when it matters, and is powered by people you choose.

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From now on, this is the way I'll communicate with you.


80 character limit stops alerts from turning into emails


Come up with a better name. Attaching `r`s is getting old

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Hello again PH! I’ve built Pingr to receive important alerts from people without having to check a dozen groups and different messaging apps. It takes away the distraction from messaging when you don’t want to be disturbed, there’s an 80 character limit to stop alerts from becoming long messages 💬 I’ve not monetised Pingr - still waiting for Stripe in 🇮🇳 Built in 36 hours, look at Pingr being built here - Let me know what you think 😄 This is what my Pingr page looks like -
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@jajoosam @jajoosam it'd be great to have a custom URL slug 👌
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@amrith Thanks for the suggestion! Added custom slugs to the welcome message, getting them costs $5. Send me your current pingr url, and your slug - I'll change it 😄
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Awesome idea, I agree that mail is not very effective for that, although unsure if it would end up becoming spammy if it is misused.
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@tcodinat Yes, I had the same concern, so enabled 6 number/character IDs instead of just 3 digit numbers, which might significantly reduce the spam if shared wisely
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@jajoosam Oh neat! What about password protection?
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@tcodinat I had that on earlier pages - - but it doesn't really provide more protection than a well shared unique url.
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Love the idea, it's like a modern take on @gliechtenstein's infamous 👀
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Its cool idea!