Pingpad for Slack

For Slack teams to capture knowledge, organize and act on it

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Great job on the video!
Hey Hunters! This is a bot-augmented real time wiki built on Slack, if that's english. What we do is help Slack teams capture shared knowledge, organize and act on it. Just Add to Slack, have your team Sign in with Slack and you get: - A Team Site to create and publish what your team needs to know - A Wiki for every Public Channel and Private Channel, to collaborate on every team topic and dynamic notifications as people edit notes - A knowledgable bot to help you build a team glossary, let you save messages with a click, or just take a /note Try using Pingpad with your product development or other team to create: * Team Site * Documentation * Meeting Notes * Knowledge Base Wrote a little about why we chose to build this on the Slack platform If you've been around a bit, you might recall I started the social collaboration wave with Socialtext, building the first enterprise wiki. If you've been around a little longer you might know that IRC + Wiki gets a lot done together. We've got more in store, and I'm here to answer questions. Please upvote!
This looks really interesting, and I see Ken Yeung has done a great job of summarizing it over at VB today too ( Will definitely take a close look at this to see if it'll work for me.
Nice. Reminds me of @teamtettra
Website is not loading... Its blank Edit : Its loading now.