pingo is a free & fast image optimizer for web that could reduce filesize by doing automatic, lossless or lossy image transformations. it processes files recursively using multithreading system
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- pingo is CLI for Windows/Linux 64-bit - pinga is GUI for Windows
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@cedric_louvrier pinga. I see what you did there :)
No Mac version yet?
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@edwin_hakof I use ImageOptim on Mac
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@edwin_hakof no, but maybe later
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pingo is *not* just a wrapper of existing solutions or just a GUI. as fast overview: - the lossless PNG stuff could beat well known tools (OptiPNG, ZopfliPNG, etc.) by speed and size in the same scope because it does optimizations which are not done by others (palette ordering, alpha transformations, colourtype choice, etc.). it uses an optimized deflate which adapt levels according to the sample. unlike other tools, it targets trials precisely to determine a close optimal result see - the lossy PNG could be adaptive so it should try to preserve perceptual quality. if you want to compare with lossy online (like TinyPNG), you also have to compare the image data with some metrics like butteraugli - or check the image. results are not just about size, but a combination of speed, size and quality. it can be done using several ways (not only using palette encoding: soft/fast color quantization/lossy filtering, or strong color quantization) automatically - or manually by setting the right flag yourself - the lossy JPG uses adaptive quantization (unlike mozjpeg), trellis (like mozjpeg) and post/pre image data enhancement to preserve perceptual quality (unlike mozjpeg), even if you set chroma subsampling. also, the encoding should be faster than mozjpeg - it performs auto-transformations to match what the user could expect (colors & aspect), like rotation of JPG according to the orientation tag, the conversion to sRGB colourspace from ICC profiles (even grayscale) from JPG/PNG, CMYK JPG to sRGB, etc. - as an alternative to WebP at this moment, it could transform “PNG-32” to efficient SVGZ which are well supported (Inkscape, GIMP, some Linux distributions and browsers, even older like IE9, FireFox/Chrome 31, Safari 5.1, Opera 24, Android 4.4). those SVGZ files can do competition by size/quality with lossy WebP on “PNG-32” which have complex image structure - it does alternative lossless transformations for WebP. it could be able to outperform by speed and size the cwebp tool (1.0.3) on some samples, by selecting better settings for the image data. also, it offers alternative lossy transformations for WebP encoding - it does multithreading, multiprocessing and recursive processing by default. even if you disabled those boosters to do comparisons, it should be able to beat most of the time other PNG optimizers by speed and size if you compare them in the same scope (speed/size ratio) pingo is far from perfection and is an unfinished/experimental project, but at this moment, there is no “complete alternative” online (or offline) that could support all of those features in one tool/interface. you can see more demos here :
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This is such a valuable tool, but I personally don't like downloading optimizers/compressors as a desktop app--there are so many alternatives that are web-based.
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Looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out ☺️