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Pingly is your communication hub — Message or talk seamlessly with anyone over Email, Text & Voice from a single unified platform.

Pingly evolves email by taking the best parts of it & merging them into a modern messaging platform.

Smart Numbers let you text & make calls like a mobile line but are programmable, routable & work across devices.

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Tyler van der Hoeven
Tyler van der Hoeven@tyvdh · Developer, Baremetrics
This looks so rad! Well done team.
Noah Everett
Noah EverettMaker@noaheverett · Founder of Pingly, previously Twitpic
@tyvdh thank you Tyler!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Woohoo, @noaheverett! 🚀 I see the value in aggregating email, text, calls, etc. but unclear how it will make me more efficient or effective (I'm assuming that's the overall goal but maybe I'm wrong?).
Noah Everett
Noah EverettMaker@noaheverett · Founder of Pingly, previously Twitpic
@rrhoover good question - just a little back story on Pingly, I originally set out to build a better email platform and as I was flushing out that idea I found my real pain point was in needing a better platform to "direct message" people and visa versa. The three main mediums I used to chat with were email, text and voice. One way to think of it is like Twitter Direct Messaging that's platform agnostic (Ex: most messaging apps require your contacts to be using the same app, I wanted Pingly to work for you whether all or none of your contacts were using it) To answer your question on how it could make you more efficient / effective: - Less app/context switching (Which I admit is a low one and Pingly needs to be better than the existing apps you're using to make this worth while) - Since all three of those communication mediums are aggregated into one platform we can do cool things around them, think built-in IFTTT for your communications. - Pingly uses a "iMessage/chat" conversation UI which takes the bloat feeling of email away and brings it in-line with other messaging styles. - Lastly, Smart Numbers which is our take on the phone number. The phone number you get on your mobile device is fairly "dumb" in the sense it can't do much around the phone calls or text messages that goes through it. Smart Numbers on Pingly have: — built-in spam flagging that runs off a database that's constantly updated — are programmable and routable (i.e. don't ring my Smart Number after 7pm because I'm at home UNLESS it's a call from a VIP client or send them a special text message in response) — a new take on visual voicemail that's in the same convo thread as your messages and is much more stream-lined — work across devices, in your browser and mobile device. Hope that helps and I'm glad you asked that question. It's the one I get the most and helps me tune my "elevator pitch" 🤓
Noah Everett
Noah EverettMaker@noaheverett · Founder of Pingly, previously Twitpic
Hey Product Hunt! I'll be around here through out the day to answer any questions or feedback. We're excited to be on here again and hope you find Pingly 2.0 useful! 😀
Ariel Jalali
Ariel JalaliHiring@arieljalali · Co-founder, Sensay | @sensay
I'm totally going to try this out. I think Apple missed a huge opportunity not making a universal inbox. Maybe you guys succeeded
Noah Everett
Noah EverettMaker@noaheverett · Founder of Pingly, previously Twitpic
@arieljalali thanks Ariel! Feel free to message me on Pingly if you have any questions or feedback, my username is "noah" or via email with
Vineet Devaiah
Vineet Devaiah @vineetdevaiah · CEO and Founder
This is awesome ! Aggregating things is good but yes I agree with @rrhoover that it could make me less effective/ efficient long term. Of all I liked the smart numbers idea the most
Noah Everett
Noah EverettMaker@noaheverett · Founder of Pingly, previously Twitpic
@rrhoover @vineetdevaiah thanks for the feedback Vineet! I'll write a detailed blog post about Smart Numbers showing how they work and their benefits in more detail soon ⚡️ That will be posted on our blog at