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Sarah Lee
@sforsarah · Founder of PingGo
Ahoy Product Hunters - would love your thoughts on pitching news to the media - how do you do it and what works best? Any advice you can share with the startups of Product Hunt?
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Sarah Lee
@sforsarah · Founder of PingGo
Hello Product Hunt, All companies, especially startups, need the oxygen of publicity to grow. But how can you get media attention without hiring a big PR agency? After 20 years of working in PR I’ve designed a simple writing tool so anyone can write press releases that will get published by journalists and bloggers. My vision is to disrupt the way sta… See more
@jamiesunderland · Figuring out what to design next
We know, another PING... Good timing? Let's make it three days in a row 😜 Looking forward to getting feedback from the PH community. We're around to questions and discussions all day from bonnie Scotland!
Anesi 🐊
@anesi_anesi · Co-founder of Crocodile Browser
Wow, This is really useful. It would definitely save me a lot of time
Matt Aunger
@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
Wow! This is great, and it actually works. A perfect way to get to the details journalists want/ need, while avoiding the pitfalls of promotional language that many use in their PRs. Seriously good work. Now to build out the journalist/ contact database side of things, and it'll be the perfect platform. 🙌
James Welch
@jwelch · CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk
I've just been trying this for the last hour and a half and here are my findings: Despite being in marketing for 15 years and having interviewed and worked with perhaps 40 or so PR companies from one-man bands to giants of the PR world, I'll admit, I never got 'it'. I don't know why, I just never did, and despite many attempts to gain knowledge from friends… See more