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Could work well as a landing page after Facebook ads, gonna give this a try 👍
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham Hi Thomas, sounds like a great use case, thank you! tell me your pingdeck username and i will upgrade you to have 25 pings 👌 cheers stephan
Hi Product Hunters! I am Dominic from Cologne, Germany - one of the co-founders of Great to be here today! What is pingdeck? pingdeck is a platform that lets you build a mini-website (we call it ping) in no time. Step 1: Just upload a background image or choose one from beloved 😘 You can also search adored 🤗 to find a appropriate animated gif as your background - all inside pingdeck. Step 2: Enter a title, a short message and - if you like - create up to three link buttons. Done! Your ping goes live with one click. Actually, Stephans (co-founder) record for creating a (decent) ping is 16.42 seconds. Pretty fast for building a (mini-) website, hm? What makes pingdeck so special? All pings have sharing-superpowers. That means, you can share a ping almost everywhere with max. three clicks and they always look cool. Beside Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email you can even share them via SMS and beautifully via WhatsApp on mobile. With forthcoming iOS 10 and its new ‚rich link preview’, pings will also look awesome inside ‚messages’… - Try to share a ping-URL on slack..! 😎 Last but not least: WHY? Well, we thought everybody should be able to build a stunning, super-shareable website with ease - in no time - for free. Imagine a band creating a ping for their next gig - including a link to their new music-video on Vimeo, a link to their album on iTunes Store AND a link to buy a ticket on Eventbrite… It would take them maybe two minutes to create such a ping and they could share it (and let it share!!!) among multiple networks and platforms. Curious? Then give it a spin on and let us know what you think. We’d love to answer you questions! Happy pinging!
@dmuellr Just curious - how does this stack up against something a bit more advaced, yet still small, like ? Thanks.
@sorinamzu Didn't know adsy... I'll have a look. Thanks!
Hi @sorinamzu i had a closer look at adsy - and our approach is a bit different. by creating we focused on minimum effort to create a beautiful website and maximum share-ability across social networks and services. adsy offers an editor to create a website, more like squarespace and wix. lets you choose a background image an paste your text - and thats it. does this answer your question? cheers Stephan
Wow. Was not expecting that. This is the EXACT opposite of dumb. Really impressive, sparse flow, giving just enough info to get you through to the next step - leading to a pretty pleasant surprise. Simple & beautiful. Well done, team @pingdeckHQ @dmuellr
@elizabethhunker Thank you so much for your kind words. We are glad you like it! Happy pinging!
Great idea, specially to create a fast website!
@carlosdece Thank you! Glad, you like it!
This is such a cool idea. It's simple, minimal, intuitive, creative, and fun. Your audience might be minimalists or those who appreciate simplicity. I love it, and going to create a PingDeck!
@callmewilsar hey wilsar, thank you so much for your feedback! if you need more pings, please let me know! i can upgrade your account to 100 pings. Cheers Stephan