Ping Pong Run

The last ping pong game you'll ever need

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looks beautiful, but the mechanics are really hard to get and swiping up/down for left/right movement is confusing and unnecessary imho
@redpandacan I think you can change that to left-right swipe in the settings. I got used to the up/down mode because I can't see my player too much because of my fat fingers in the other mode :)
Thanks. My highscore is still at three though, I cannot figure out the timing nor when he plays the backhand
@redpandacan Thanks for the fb. We're working on making up/down easier.
Amazingly well crafted game by the swedish studio Tenggrenska. I just love all the cure in the design and animation of characters and ball. My current best score is 64.
83✌️🏓 a tips is to turn off hardcore in the menu, makes the game a bit easier!
Distraction: guarantee!
There it goes my free time! ...#friday