Ping your teammates with one click when you need them

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Alternative tagline: "Yo for your office" cc @orarbel
@orarbel @rrhoover Yo need to pivot quick
This is a possible solution to the long lasting problem of annoying co-workers keep on interrupting me while i work on some code. Thanks :)
I feel this problem is solved by email / IM. Your teammates just have to understand how to use each medium at the right time. Need a tiny bit of information for next week's meeting? You probably shouldn't walk over to my desk and ask me, interrupting everything I do. Next app: Etiquette! ;)
Love the simplicity. My team and I usually ping each other for multiple different reasons throughout the day, and it would be rad to at least drop in a few words. I could see after sending 3-4 pings in a day, someone would inevitably say, "Wait, sorry I can't remember what my third ping was about."
@ryanalam Hi ... thanks for the feedback ... we thought about that feature but then we decided to leave it as simple as possible. We couldn't decide where to stop, just write one word, predefined tags, 100 characters and so on ... but maybe we will reconsider it :)