Ping your teammates with one click when you need them


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Alternative tagline: "Yo for your office" cc @orarbel http://ping.bytepoets.com/img/pi...
Or Arbel
@orarbel · Co-founder Anima App | Prev. Yo
David Wippel
@kelkes · Co-Founder trigo.at
This is a possible solution to the long lasting problem of annoying co-workers keep on interrupting me while i work on some code. Thanks :)
Markus Lachinger
@mlachinger · CTO at ComicBin
I feel this problem is solved by email / IM. Your teammates just have to understand how to use each medium at the right time. Need a tiny bit of information for next week's meeting? You probably shouldn't walk over to my desk and ask me, interrupting everything I do. Next app: Etiquette! ;)
Ryan Alam
@ryanalam · M.Sc. Candidate, USC Marshall
Love the simplicity. My team and I usually ping each other for multiple different reasons throughout the day, and it would be rad to at least drop in a few words. I could see after sending 3-4 pings in a day, someone would inevitably say, "Wait, sorry I can't remember what my third ping was about."