You're going to like me (new app by Secret)

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2014
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This had the perfect amount of mysteriousness for me to actually get the app without knowing anything about it.
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@graham_earley Exactly. Now I'm hoping for it to be actually useful.
I dig the mysterious branding. Although it probably terrible for a mainstream market, I think it will work well with an early adopter crowd. Ping is another example of a lightweight, notification-driven app. Download the app and "subscribe" to different types of notifications such as popular apps to download, new movies, or even tweets from @kanyewest. I see many similarities to where @orarbel is taking Yo (from what I've gathered). Here's my first ping: Is this just an experiment, @davidbyttow / @chrysb? Obviously you're busy with Secret so what are the goals here?
@rrhoover Simplicity and mystery. Ping evolves. Those who decide to let Ping live on their phone will be surprised and delighted.
@davidbyttow so should we read anything into how things are going with Secret with this release or is this just a N-O-R-T-H-like experiment?
@Lumilux Agreed, was thinking the same thing.
One more product to test tonight. I thought I was done.
Hmm... set up is pretty easy, no login is a huge plus. I wonder how long it takes to get pinged.