Pinegrow WP

Convert static HTML websites to WordPress themes.

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A desktop HTML editor with support for Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks that lets you visually build WordPress themes and convert static HTML websites to WordPress themes.
Hi, Matjaz here, the author of Pinegrow! Thanks @kwdinc! Although our special launch sale ended last week we're bringing it back for today! The best place to see what PG WP can do is this tutorial:
@mattront - can you import existing templates to quickly modify them? Sorry, wasn't 100% sure on that. Seems like a great way to add functionality to existing themes that need a touch more juice to them :)
@jasonglaspey modifying existing themes is not possible at the moment. I have some ideas how to make this work, but it will take time to get there.
I've been using and following Pinegrow since its early inception. It's a great product with a continual flood of improvements and great customer service. Great job, guys!
This sounds great - have had to pay people for this in the past
Definitely bookmarking this one for all those peepz that asked me to help them out making a custom wordpress theme for them (but never had the time)