Pineapple Poker

The world's first and only free mobile OFC poker app

what's up guys -- you can use producthunt's referral code HUNT100 to bypass the waiting list. happy scoopin' :) ./e
@ediep 1st question, why is the poker world fascinated with OFC?
@liveink because it's the nuts. Seriously though, it's basically the most social form of poker in that everyone knows what's going on an can share in the uncertainty but still has a significant element of skill. Also, it's still not completely solved, in the way that a lot of other complete information games are.
@zefi @liveink absolutely! and to add to that, an app removes the mundane nature of calculating tedious OFC scoring rules. many serious pros have told us that pineapple is actually more fun to play online than offline!
@ediep @zefi @liveink thank you! this is awesome to learn about. #2 - why hasn't anybody else pushed out a beautiful OFC app yet? #3 - when is android coming?
let's get @ediep to do an AMA :)
This game is crack. Stupid good.
@MackFlavelle thanks mack -- we should play ;)
Says I need a referral code?
Shame that this only seems to be available on the US store. Looks interesting.
@f hey fred -- what country are you from? UK and FR are next.